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Debt Resolution

Collections/ Recoveries
Matrix undertakes collections/ recoveries through its Call Centre and field personnel. This exercise is done through fully trained staff working within the RBI parameters. The services range from soft collections to recovery of written off debts.

Legal modes of debt recovery
Matrix has a full fledged legal division at Mumbai and Delhi having highly competent teams of lawyers. The company has been able to devise innovative legal modes of recovery with the primary objectives of speedier, optimum and cost effective results, especially in the areas of Section 138, Arbitration and auto loan resolution.

Soft Collections through call centre
Matrix has a running Call Centre of 50 seats for soft collections of bank dues and has the resources to scale it up as desired.

Enforcement under Securitization Act
Matrix is the leading agency in the Delhi NCR and Mumbai for enforcement under Securitization Act. The company has developed systems to tackle the inherent delays in the process and has the wherewithal to provide escalation free enforcement.

Repossession of vehicles with legal methods
The Company has been one of the leading repossessors of vehicles through legal means for leading banks, especially ICICI Bank. In-house legal set-up & critical police resource help escalation free executions.

Managing Lok Adalats
Matrix has been the leading agency in managing Lok Adalats in Delhi NCR & Mumbai.

Post–decree Asset/Individual tracking / investigations
Matrix has a highly skilled team of investigators with exceptional track record. It is a testimony to the Company’s capabilities that Serious Frauds Investigation Office of Govt. of India has empanelled Matrix for these services.