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Such follow – ups are regularly conducted from a discreet basement office in Delhi, where a dozen telecallers communicate with field agents on verification rounds around the city. The Matrix Group is a private company that has a credit risk unit as well as debt recovery team and has been in business for past 11 years.

The Matrix headquarters appears to resemble a traditional BPO. There definitely are no musclemen to be seen at the premises of the agency and all the employees have undergone the mandatory training for recovery agents as well.

The head of the company Rajiv Mahajan says that his organization, which employs 500 people and earned around 5 crore last year, has always tried to maintain standards in debt recovery. “All the conversations between telecallers and debtors are recorded and nobody is allowed to abuse and debtor,” he says. Mahajan, who used to be a banker, says that the debt recovery business needs regulation.

"There is no homogeneity in this business in India. I have heard of recovery agencies that use tough method and such instances can damage the reputation of the industry,” he says.

Matrix rolled out a system of ensuring that they approached concerned courts extensively while sending field personnel to collect on a default or to recover automobiles. Through the issuance of court notices and receiver orders, the agency was able to do its job without leaving room for a showdown between its agents and debtors.

Yet, Mahajan says that he has to frequently take field personnel out to dinner or throw parties and organize cricket matches for them to de – stress them after dealing with customers. “Unless the nature of demand changes from banks, the pressure will remain. The quality of effort in collection is a direct function of the sort of demand make by banks,” he said.