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Financial Risk Control

Contact Point Verifications (CPV)
Pre-sanction verification is carried out of the address /telephone nos. of the applicants / guarantors / references. Neighborhood discrete checks are also carried out, if required.

Employee Verifications
Employee verifications are undertaken regarding their place of stay, status of previous employment, last drawn salary etc.

Matrix has a large amount of current defaulters’ data (DEDUPE data) and this data is carried on a customized software which enables any new case to be cross-checked for default history. This data is updated on a regular basis.

Business Loan due diligence
Business Loan due diligence is carried out in terms of field discrete checks, vendor checks, creditor checks, market checks as well as other leads/cues. Default/ legal history is also scanned to obtain vital information as may be relevant to credit assessment.

Verification of title deeds, assets & individuals
Matrix has a highly skilled set-up with state of the art technical tools to undertake top quality forensic check of security documents.

Corporate Financial Investigations
Specific financial information relating to corporates is investigated through highly skilled professionals in the field. Matrix has an experienced team of Chartered Accountants for this purpose.

Inventory Audits/ Inspections
Matrix has a team of experienced Chartered Accountants to undertake Inventory audits/ Inspections on behalf of banks and corporates. The Company has been undertaking such audits/ inspections for various banks for the last nearly 10 years.